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Beekeepers is a brand that is proud of its traditional beekeeping history. It produces honey as well as organic products such as lip balm and oil with various natural ingredients. Emptyfull Design has built a branding system that uses retro-style hand drawing and warm pastel colors such as yellow. We have supported the characteristics of the brand that showcases use of only natural ingredients along with its long history, and have participated in packaging design for various honey and wax related products.

Logo Design

Art Direction

Print & Collateral

Branding & Identity

Editorial Illustration

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123 Farm

전통있는 양봉역사를 자랑하는 Beekeepers는 벌꿀을 비롯한 각종 천연 재료들로 립밤, 오일 등의 유기농 제품들을 제조하는 브랜드입니다. 오랜 역사를 가지고 천연의 재료만을 사용하는 브랜드의 특성을 살려, 레트로 스타일의 핸드드로잉과 따뜻한 파스텔 옐로우 컬러를 이용하여 브랜딩 시스템을 구축하였으며, 각종 꿀과 왁스 관련 제품 패키징 디자인 작업에 참여하였습니다.

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